Flora and fauna
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Campsite from 01/04/2021 to 31/10/2021

Flora and fauna

Pyrenees Wildlife: Isards, marmots, fawn-coloured vultures, bearded gypaètes, bears, golden eagles...

Pyrenees Flora: ferruginous rhododendrons, lilies of the PYRENEES, edelweiss...

Country Products: Madiran (red or white wine from PACHERENC), Sheep (AOC Barèges-Gavarnie), trouts from our torrents, ducks (fatty, conserved or in fillet), TREBONS onions, TARBES beans, cheeses (made from ewe, cow, or goat milk).

For your holidays, get some altitude!

Take advantage of the beauty of the surroundings to go for a walk! The Hautes Pyrénées department is an ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for sun, greenery and fresh air.

Staying at Le Hounta, just a few kilometres from Luz Saint Sauveur, you will be within easy reach of the department's essential points of interest.

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