The most beautiful villages
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The most beautiful villages of the Hautes Pyrénées

Take advantage of your camping holiday to visit the most beautiful perched villages of the Hautes Pyrénées and the Pays Toy. Immerse yourself in the traditions of the Romanesque churches, fountains and washhouses on the mountain balcony.


At an altitude of 1,130 m, above the Bastan valley, discover Sers and its "herrades" (steep, cobbled streets), where the houses cling firmly to the slope. It is also an opportunity to visit the 12th century Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Vincent, the village washhouses, the Saint-Justin oratory, the Saint-Justin cross and the picturesque mountain barns.


10 minutes from the Hounta campsite, Betpouey is a small village in the Hautes-Pyrénées nestled at an altitude of 1,000 m in the Barèges valley. This picturesque village in the Pays Toy has plenty of charm and character, with its cobbled streets and 13th century Romanesque church. The village craftsmen, notably the sheep farmer and the beekeeper, will be delighted to share their local products with you.


The village of Viey is situated at an altitude of 800 metres on the sunny side of a glacial flat. The small village in the Labatsus valley is probably the least populated in the valley, but is nevertheless worth a visit. Worth seeing: the pretty cobbled streets, the 15th century church, the washhouse and its ancient framework.


On the Tourmalet road, between Barèges and Luz-Saint-Sauveur, this small mountain village typical of the Pays Toy lies on a plateau overlooking the valley, at an altitude of 870 m. The church of Saint-Michel and its altarpiece (one of the most beautiful in the department), the fountains and the stone portals are worth a careful look. A path lit up at night links Viella to Esterre, then the road to Luz.


On both banks of the Bastan torrent, at the foot of the Château Sainte-Marie, Esterre is a very quiet little village in the Pyrenees, surrounded by the valleys of Barèges and Gavarnie. Don't miss visiting the church of Saint-Etienne, whose portal is in the Romanesque tradition, and the imposing ruins of the Château Sainte-Marie, built in the 11th century by the Count of Montblanc, Lord of Bigorre.


Nestled in the valley of the Gave de Gavarnie, at an altitude of 700m, Esquièze-Sère is a pretty little balcony village in the Pays Toy. The two ancient churches from the 11th and 17th centuries made of schist and rolled pebbles, the narrow and winding cobbled streets and the large portals with sculpted lintels give an inimitable character to the place.


Perched on the heights of Luz-Saint-Sauveur overlooking the Gave, at an altitude of 830 m, the pretty village of Sazos invites you to stroll through its typical narrow streets, its beautiful 12th century Pyrenean church and its string of mills stretching along the small river. The charm of the Pays Toy in all its splendour!


Camped at the foot of the slopes, near the Gave de Pau, the village of Sassis is home to a very beautiful Romanesque church. There is a sculpted granite stoup dating from the 13th century. Like many villages in the Pays Toy, Sassis is mainly oriented towards tourism: skiing in winter, outdoor activities and thermalism in summer.


Five kilometres from the Hounta campsite, discover an authentic Pyrenean village with its Romanesque church, its old wash houses, its fountain and its orientation table. At an altitude of 990 m, the village offers a breathtaking view of the Luz-Saint-Sauveur valley and the surrounding peaks. Breathtaking!


At the foot of Luz, at an altitude of 730 m, Saligos is a delightful little mountain village nestling on the right bank of the Gave. This former seigneurial stronghold in the Middle Ages offers a beautiful view of the Hautes-Pyrénées mountains. Discover the Romanesque church with its gabled bell tower and its 13th century altarpiece, the houses and the terraced barns.


At an altitude of 760 m, between Pierrefitte and Luz Saint Sauveur, Chèze is a typical little village in the historic province of Lavedan. With its mountain houses grouped around the Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Barthélémy, its wash house and its dovecote, which is a listed historic monument, it is a village with authentic and picturesque charm, ideal for green tourism and hiking. To discover: the Escalère waterfall, located at the exit of the village in the direction of Saligos.


Eight kilometres from our Hautes-Pyrénées campsite, at the foot of the Viscos peak (2,141 m), the charming village of Viscos is like an eagle's nest on the schist rocks that dominate the Luz valley. The cobbled streets, the traditional architecture of the stone houses and the small, charming squares create a flowery, peaceful and restful atmosphere. A real balcony garden in the heart of the mountain!

For your holidays, get some altitude!

Take advantage of the beauty of the surroundings to go for a walk! The Hautes Pyrénées department is an ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for sun, greenery and fresh air.

Staying at Le Hounta, just a few kilometres from Luz Saint Sauveur, you will be within easy reach of the department's essential points of interest.

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